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Developer: Ronen Tzur
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Sandbokie requires neither exclude nor blocking of functions available on the website of the browser. Instead, Sandbokie isolates and quarantines the outcome of what it can do, Web sites on your computer, including installing unwanted software and oacute; v. No compromise security functionality: Web site can use the full range of active content tools, and if you use these tools to install malicious software or otherwise SPOS oacute; b make changes to your computer, then these changes can be easily reversed. Sandbokie originally designed to increase the security of browsing in Internet Explorer, but it is also efficient in all other browsers, and in fact, any other program. Sandbokie wraps a protective layer Wok oacute; l Program oacute; to supervise. This is the layer KT oacute; ra intercepts and isolates any changes made to the computer programs. And this layer is impartial ESP oacute; idle gear that surrounds it. Sandbokie is designed as an application, KT oacute; ra allowing isolation and quarantine sites. While browsing the web, changes occur in the computer system. Most of the time these changes are harmless, like recording address and oacute; Web sites visited (and when), so that the browser can pom c oacute complete web address, KT oacute ;. Ri, you can type in Are these changes are harmless or harmful, they actually become computer. When using Sandbokie to protect browsing session, catches all these changes, such as the browser will be applied to the computer. Sandbokie does not take this change in the name of the browser, but saves them in a separate folder, isolated, called Sandbox. The benefit of sandbox has is that it provides an opportunity to get rid of all the changes in the Law on the Browser, just delete the folder Sandbox. Another useful feature is the ability to Sandbokie terminate all sandboked program oacute; at the same time. Because SOME oacute; re sites tend to show up three new browser windows for each of them can be closed, you can have them all Sandbokie close with one click.