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Category: Office tools|Other Office Tools
Developer: Visionobjects
Size: 52 Mb

Features: Document management
Retrieve instantly your handwritten notes in a default folder, MyScript Studio detects any new file coming from your writing device
Organize information into binders or with tags you assign yourself
Search engine:
Find directly information in your handwritten notes by simply typing keywords on the search bar
Handwriting recognition
In one simple click, convert your notes, graphic shapes and diagrams in digital text
Edit Your notes: highlight words, delete part of texts, add words or graphic shapes as needed
Send the converted result to MicrosoftTM Outlook, Word or as plain text
Format your text: bold, italics, underline
Change colors
Add bullets and numbered list
Trainer module
If needed, create your own writing profile to improve accuracy rate thanks to the Trainer module
Languages available for User Interface and conversion: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Danish, Dutch, English (Canada/ UK/ USA), Finnish, French (Canada/ France), German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil/ Portugal), Russian, Spanish (Mexico/ Spain), Swedish, Turkish.
Size: 52 mb
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MyScript Studio Notes Edition is a professional application, such as the functionalitiesthat MyScript Notes is all about? Characteristics: high recognition of text, graphics and illustrations, multi-language coverage, to create a custom profile of the input accuracy rate, through the etc.Users MyScript Studio, context enjoy the new user interface allows easy and intuitive navigation. .notes: MyScript Studio handwriting, such as pens Digital, Graphic Tablets, Tablet PC, etc Compatible all devices can be supported as a file structure? MyScript Notes (original format) .top? WALTOP Digital Ink Pad, but, Genius G-Note 7000, etc..pnt? Pegasus NoteTaker, Fujitsu-Siemens Computer Telephone Taker.dhw account? AceCad DigiMemo (page single documents) .eli, .ant? Epos, DANE-ELEC Z-pen.pgd, .pgc? The goal (MAXELL, Nokia SU-1B SU-27W) .pen? Logitech IO IO2 Digital PenGraphic Tablets and Tablet PC (Wacom, Genius, Trust Digital) .irx? IRex iLiad.dnt? UC Logic IBM Crosspad.svg? Sony Ericsson Chatpen