MEDIATING CASES — I have done a broad range of legal work during my career — commercial litigator, local prosecutor, trial lawyer, and federal judicial clerk at the trial and appellate level.  Those experiences allow me to understand the issues that arise in civil litigation from a variety of perspectives.  While the civil jury trial is an essential way to resolve disputes, parties should go to trial only after they have engaged in a good-faith effort to settle a case.  I help parties in that effort by serving as a mediator in all types of civil cases.

REPRESENTING CLIENTS — I work on cases where an institution needs to be held accountable for causing harm.  Many of my cases are against governments and private corporations performing government functions.  I have handled cases for people who have been harmed or died in jails, for people wrongfully arrested by police officers, and for children in the foster care system who experienced abuse.  In the legal system, these types of cases are called civil rights cases, but I prefer to think of them as human rights cases.

SERVING THE COMMUNITY — I serve on the board of Path Home, a nonprofit organization that helps families experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.  I organize an annual fundraising drive to provide backpacks and school supplies to the children being helped by Path Home.  I also am a member of the Oregon State Bar House of Delegates.

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