Recovery Toolbox for RAR (formerly RAR Recovery Toolbox) Download Free

Recovery Toolbox for RAR (formerly RAR Recovery Toolbox) torrentRecovery Toolbox for RAR (formerly RAR Recovery Toolbox)

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Category: System|Back-Up and Recovery
Developer: Recovery ToolBox
Size: 14 Mb

Features: Recovering encrypted data
Recovering data from password-protected RAR archives
Recovering data from damaged storage devices (floppy disks, CDs, Zip-Drives, etc.)
Working with RAR archives in a local network
Using several independent algorithms to maximize the amount of recovered information
Size: 14 mb
Files: 2

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RAR Recovery Toolbox for RAR files to scan and detect errors and to recover the files is an application designed to help recover the information. Then it passes through the RAR archive, appliance repair provides detailed reports, for each file in the archive and information about the nature of the error. The tool recovers data from corrupted RAR archives. The program scans the archive, defines the data structure, and a lot of information as it tries to recover the damaged file. Different recovery algorithms, the tool minimizes data loss and tries to recover the maximum amount of information possible. Data recovery process consists of several steps performed in separate windows, so the recovery process even more convenient. During data recovery program for damaged file has changed; just recovering files from the archive and saves it to disk. The folder structure, file and folder names remain the same as the Egyptians.