After spending more than two decades as a litigator and trial lawyer, I now focus on mediating legal disputes.

I believe that cases should proceed to trial only after the parties have engaged in a good-faith effort to resolve their dispute.  In most cases, a negotiated resolution allows the parties to manage their risk and have control over the outcome.  A trained and experienced mediator can help the parties have that discussion in a respectful and productive way.  Even if the parties are not able to resolve their dispute, they can proceed to trial knowing that they made an informed choice after assessing the risks and benefits.

My experience includes working as counsel for both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury and commercial litigation.  I have handled cases at the trial and appellate level, in both state and federal court.  This broad experience allows me to mediate any type of civil dispute.

I tailor my approach to the needs of the parties.  I am comfortable with both the facilitative and evaluative models of mediation, as well as the caucus method and the joint method for managing interactions between the parties.

I welcome the chance to help you resolve your case.